Team History


The Beginning

The Rhode Island Wardogs started out in Belling MA as the Minutemen. Formed in 2000, it was started by former Boston Patriots owner Jack McCarthy and some of our earlier coaches and staff included the likes of Steve Grogan, Ronnie Lippett and Mosi Tatupu.

Into Rhode Island

After some time spent in Bellingham the team needed a change and the decision was made to take the organization over state lines and into Woonsocket Rhode Island. With a new place to call home the organization also made a change in names become the Woonsocket Sentinels.

Another Name Change

After a couple of years in the city of Woonsocket and major staff and player changes the team felt like a new organization with a new focus and attitude. The old logo of Pat Patriot was left behind and a new era had started. Along with a new logo the team also wanted to represent the whole state of Rhode Island instead of just one city making a way for the change from the Woonsocket Sentinels into the Rhode Island Wardogs.

The Bone Yard

We appreciated the city of Woonsocket for hosting us for many years but the aging Barry Field and lack of lights was not ideal for our players and fans in the hot summer months.

A new home was needed. The team was able to work with North Smithfield and relocated to North Smithfield high school. With a new field and the ability to play under the lights the field was dubbed by fans and players The Bone Yard.

A Winning Culture

Since moving to North Smithfield the team has cultivated a winning culture. Not losing a home game in the first two seasons at the Bone Yard the team went to a Championship game in the first season there. Only to be followed up by an undefeated season and earning a championship title in 2014.

Since that season the team moved up from AA conference into the AAA tier of competition. Just within a couple of season the team was already in the playoffs and made it to the AAA Championship in 2017.

Looking Forward

The team has had one goal of always trying to improve from the last time we stepped on the field. We also strive to maintain integrity and high standards for our players, staff and coaches.